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Ajman Police catch reckless violator within two hours, suspend license and impound car
Ajman: A motorist who drove recklessly in the opposite direction on a busy highway has been arrested by Ajman Police.
The Traffic and Patrols Department of the Ajman Police arrested the 26-year-old Gulf national who also performed stunts on another internal road, endangering his life and the lives of others. He was arrested within two hours after officers caught his reckless driving on surveillance cameras.
Lieutenant Colonel Saif Abdullah Al Falasi, director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Ajman Police, said the control systems in the operations room of the department spotted the reckless driver by tracking him on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in the emirate of Ajman when he was driving in the opposite direction of traffic at high speed. By tracking him it was found that he was headed to a residential area where he drove recklessly without regard to the lives of others.
Police patrols immediately began searching and investigating, and in less than two hours they were able to arrest the driver and impounded his vehicle, a Lexus saloon, in Al Talah area.
Lt Col Al Falasi said the driver’s license was also withdrawn for six months due to several serious traffic violations, including driving a vehicle in a way that endangers his life and the life or safety of others. He was issued with a Dh2,000 fine and the vehicle was impounded for 60 days.
His violation of driving a vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic was fined Dh600 and non-compliance with traffic signs and instructions cost him a Dh500 fine.
It was also found after his arrest that he had previously committed 39 other violations, with a total value of Dh17,650 in fines.
Overall, the black points incurred by him reached 46 points, and a total of 127 days for the vehicle impoundment period.
Lt Col Al Falasi called on motorists to avoid driving recklessly in a manner that is not commensurate with the values and customs of the UAE and threatens the security of road users and the comfort of residents.

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