UAE: Indian hotel employee in Dubai wins Dh25 million in Big Ticket – Gulf News

Sajesh NS, who moved to the UAE from Oman, plans to help out colleagues with prize money
Abu Dhabi: An Indian hotel employee in Dubai on Thursday won Dh25 million at the first outdoor Big Ticket Live Draw since 2020.
Sajesh NS was named the Series 245 grand prize winner. A resident of Dubai, Sajesh moved to the UAE from Oman two years ago and has been buying Big Tickets every month for four years. He purchased his winning ticket online with a group of 20 of his colleagues, all of whom will now be sharing in the grand prize amount.
When asked how he plans on spending his winnings, Sajesh expressed his desire to pay it forward.
“There are over 150 employees at the hotel where I work, and I would like to help out as many of them as I can by sharing a portion of my winnings with them,” he said.
Although he is now a millionaire, Sajesh plans to continue purchasing tickets every month.
At the upcoming December live draw, one winner will take home Dh30 million for the first time with Big Ticket. A second prize amount of Dh1 million will also be announced, as well as a third prize amount of Dh100,000 and fourth prize amount of Dh50,000.
Each weekly e-draw winner for the month of November will walk away with Dh1 million.

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