Israeli Missile System Deployed In UAE Against Iranian Threats – ایران اینترنشنال

Tactical Report's image of Israeli Barak air defense system appears in UAE
Saturday, 10/29/2022
Satellite images have shown the United Arab Emirates has deployed the Israeli-made Barak 8 missile aerial defense batteries against ballistic and cruise missiles, and drones.
Images released by Tactical Report, a geopolitical intelligence company covering events in the Persian Gulf states and Middle East, indicated that the batteries and an Elta EL/M-2084 radar have been deployed near al-Dhafra airbase, south of Abu Dhabi.
The Barak missile defense system is jointly developed by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in collaboration with Israeli Aircraft Industry's Elta division, Rafael and several other companies in both countries.
The batteries are the first phase of a substantial contract for additional systems to protect sensitive sites that have been targeted by missiles and drones launched by Iran-backed Houthi rebels over Abu Dhabi’s cooperation with the Saudi-led military campaign. The UAE has seen several missile and drone attacks carried out by the rebels in recent months.
Late in September, Israel said it had agreed to sell the advanced air defense system to the UAE in the first such deal since they forged relations in 2020.The UAE and Israel have been coordinating appeals to the US to formulate a new security strategy for the Middle East in case of a nuclear deal with Iran.
The UAE has bought billions of dollars of advanced weapons from the United States, with one deal alone under the Trump administration put at $23.5 billion. US annual military aid to Israel is over $3.5 billion.
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