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Eagle-eyed Australians have spotted unusual markings in the Australian outback, with furious debate now raging on what they could be.
“Found these strange dots and lines out in the middle of nowhere, saw it when looking at the satellite google map view,” one Reddit user shared.
The markings were found in rural Queensland about 66km from Longreach in the state’s centre.
Speculation raged about what the white markings were, and a large portion of theories related to mining activity.
“Mining site with blast layouts?” one user guessed.
“Slurry pits from exploration drill rigs, and maybe costeans across the dry lake beds,” another commented.
“I’d suspect lithium miners.”
Mining was not the only guess as to what the white lines were.
“I reckon it‘s trees that have been pushed up by a dozer and burned, leaving white ash piles behind,” one said.
“It‘s salt that’s been pushed into piles,” theorised another.
Some guessed that it was bales or piles of cotton that could have been harvested nearby.
There were also more out-there guesses as to what the interesting patterns were.
“Area 51 is too closely monitored the (unidentified aerial phenomena) are now parked here in Longreach, cause who goes there,” one person joked.
Originally published as ‘Strange dots and markings’ appear in Australian outback
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